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Want the Best in Glass Pool Fencing?

Your pool area is a luxury part of your home. It is crucial they are safe and comply with Australian standards, such as having a fence. You can keep your pool stylish and safe by using frameless glass pool fencing.

Interglass Designs specialises in frameless glass pool fencing installation in Sydney. Our tough and easy to maintain glass can be fitted quickly so you don’t lose a minute of your backyard. Glass pool fencing opens your pool to the rest of your property rather than hiding it away like other fence types.

Remove the risks and add luxury style to your pool, by installing frameless glass pool fencing. We can customise the glass size and shape, as well as the accompanying fittings so you get exactly the look you are after.

For Sydney’s best frameless glass pool fencing, go with Interglass Designs. We use the highest quality materials to bring you a frameless glass fence which will match both your pool area and your expectations.

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Our Services

Our Services

Interglass Designs offers frameless glass pool fencing that offers both safety and design. Our services are custom designed and installed by Sydney’s leaders in glass pool fencing. We offer the highest quality materials and services, promising quick response and clean work.

With over 45 years of combined experience, we have helped bring luxury style to Sydney homes. If you want the latest frameless glass pool fencing bespoke to your property, then choose Interglass Designs.

As well as pool fencing, Interglass Designs specialises in all things glass design and installation. We can help you create beautiful and functional glass features inside and outside your home by also offering:

  • Pool deck balustrades
  • Glass outlets
  • Decking glass balustrades
  • Glass balustrade for external gates
  • Glass balustrade privacy screen
  • Outdoor frameless balustrades
  • Commercial glass balustrades
  • Stair balustrades

Benefits of Frameless Glass Pool Fencing

  • Luxurious and stylish look

    Luxurious and stylish look

    Glass is a natural and beautiful looking material that adds immediate luxury and style to your home. It works with any other material to combine a sleek and sophisticated look.

  • Easy to clean

    Easy to clean

    Glass panels are clear and very easy to clean. Unlike other materials, glass won’t rot, or become infested with nasty pests. Simply wipe and it will be as good as new.

  • Super strong

    Super strong

    Our glass meets all Australian Standards and is tempered to be strong and durable. The type of glass we use does not shatter or cause sharp pieces. It is solid and will stand the test of time.

  • Adds visibility and safety

    Adds visibility and safety

    Frameless glass panels allow you to see into the pool area or other locations without the hassle of peering through metal or wood. Having visibility increases your awareness of activities surrounding your yard.

  • Displays the pool rather than hides it

    Displays the pool rather than hides it

    One of the most annoying things about having pool fences is that they hide your beautiful pool. Glass pool fencing will not only display your pool, but add light, safety and space to your yard.

  • Customisable


    Every yard and pool is different. Having the option to customise is essential. The layout of the panels, the types of fittings and the type of glass can all be customised to fit your needs.

Our Process

We start by talking with you. You may have a vision for your pool or perhaps want help in forming a vision. Either way, Interglass Designs works with and for you to customise and install dreamy, functional and high quality frameless glass pool fencing.

Our installation method is safe and adheres to all Australian standards. As well as we only use the highest quality materials so you have peace of mind in the outcome.

It can be frustrating when areas are dirty or damaged by craftsmen. We pride ourselves on our clean and efficient processes that have no negative impact on your pool area.

When installing your glass pool fencing, we will core drill all the holes, which reduces the impact that drilling normally has on the flooring as well as keeping your pool area clean.

Often pool fences make awful noises when closed. Not with Interglass Designs! Our use of the finest Polaris self-closing hinges means that your frameless glass pool fencing is quiet and safe. They also come with the peace of mind of a  three year warranty.

When you work with Interglass Designs, you know that you’ll be receiving an installation of Sydney’s finest glass pool fencing.

Our Materials

Your frameless glass pool fence must be strong, stylish and functional. Interglass designs uses the highest quality glass and fittings, which meet all the Australian safety standards.

Along with the Polaris self-closing hinges, your fittings and furnishes can be customised to match the surrounding material of your pool, even matching pre-exisitng timber.

With Interglass Designs, you know you are getting the best frameless glass pool fencing in Sydney.

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We Supply & Install Frameless Glass Pool Fencing throughout Sydney

At Interglass Designs, we offer frameless glass pool fencing throughout Sydney. We’ve installed custom-made frameless glass structures throughout Sydney, from North Sydney and the North Shore, to Western Sydney and beyond. Some of the areas in Sydney that we service include:

  • North Shore
  • Hills District
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Inner West Sydney
  • Western Sydney
  • And surrounding areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn’t core drilling a messy process?

Core drilling is a very clean product, as we use a vacuum to collect the slurry that is produced.

Will I be able to use my pool area still?

You can still use the pool whilst we work, as the installation only takes a day or two.

Does glass pool fencing eliminate any problems found in standard pool fencing?

The main problem that glass pool fencing eliminates is that it improves visibility into the pool area.

Am I able to contact you to maintain my pool fencing?

As maintaining the fencing will only consist of cleaning it, you don’t need to contact us.

How tall are the glass panels?

We use glass panels that are 1200mm in height.


We pride ourselves on the combined 40 years of experience that we have as specialists in residential and commercial glass design and installation. We only use the highest quality materials, such as premium-grade stainless steel hardware and custom-made glass panels that have undergone rigorous testing in order to meet Australian material standards. If you’re looking for frameless glass pool fencing, then look no further than Interglass designs. Servicing Sydney’s balstrade needs with quality and reliability.

45 Years of Experience

45 Years of Experience

With our 45 combined years of experience, we have the skills and experience to complete any job, no matter how complicated.
Quality Workmanship

Quality Workmanship

With Interglass Designs, you can rely on our high standard of work and our use of high-quality products.
Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

High-quality glass structures without those high-quality costs. At Interglass Designs, we won’t be beaten on price.
Balustrade Specialists

Balustrade Specialists

Have peace of mind knowing that your custom-made glass balustrades are being made with safety and quality in mind.

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