Do you have worn-out or damaged stair balustrades, or do you need to add balustrades to your stairs? If you want stair balustrades that will bring your stairs to life, call Sydney’s best in glass design and installation, Interglass Designs.


Stair balustrades are an important part of the stairs in any home or office, bringing style to your staircase as well as providing you, your family and your employees with much needed safety. If you need cutting edge, premium quality glass stair
balustrades, talk to Interglass Designs.

We are Sydney’s best for glass balustrades and pool fencing, and we can guarantee you stair balustrades will bring your
staircase lots of added style and safety. If you want only the best stair balustrades, call Interglass Designs today.


Our Services

If you’re looking to update your traditional yet worn-out stair balustrade, or you looking to install stair balustrades for that added style and safety, talk to Interglass Designs, Sydney’s experts in designing and installing stair balustrades.

You can rely on us to design and install glass stair balustrades that are tailored to your situation, as well as provide top-quality service. We develop custom make glass panels that suit any staircase and provide you with the finishes necessary to create your perfect staircase. When you work with Interglass Designs, you know that you’ll be receiving a frameless glass balustrade that will bring your staircase to life.

Our Process

Interglass Designs will make sure that our work is tailored to your vision and is completed to the highest standard. We will custom make glass panels that are tailored to your staircase and we’re able to make your balustrade as safe or as discrete as you want it to be.

If you’re worried that the installation of your glass balustrade may damage your antique wooden staircase or feature wall, fear not. Whether it’s for your home or office, at Interglass Designs, we make sure that the design of your balustrade is the design that you want and that your balustrade doesn’t affect its foundations, and that the installation is kept both clean and non-destructive.


Our Materials

So that your glass balustrade is of the highest standard, Interglass Designs will only use the highest quality materials when designing and installing your balustrade. All the hardware that we will use of your project will be made of high quality stainless steel and can come in many different styles, providing your glass balustrade with sheen as well as the resilience it needs for it to be a talking point within your home or office for years to come.

We will also design and manufacture custom-built timber handrails for your glass balustrade, providing it with some colour as well as some added safety. We can work with any timber species in your home or office, so that your glass balustrade doesn’t clash with its environment.


Our Gallery

See how we’ve given Sydney stairs with style with our glass stair balustrades.